Amelia Earhart Show

” Amelia Earhart: In Her Own Words”

AMELIA EARHARTIt is 1937, Lae, New Guinea. Emmy-submitted actress, Roberta E Bassin, brings to life famed aviatrix Amelia Earhart as she is about to leave on the last leg of her round-the-world flight reflecting on her childhood, passion for flying and her flight for the rights of women, “A pilot is a pilot.” The show culminates with an exciting audience Q and A for discussion.

Amelia Earhart: In Her Own Words has thrilled, delighted and inspired audiences at banquets, museums, corporations, libraries, conferences, schools, luncheons, playhouses, universities, and benefits. “It is a must see.”

Amelia Earhart’s stepson George Putnam Jr. and his wife Marie, commented upon seeing Roberta’s performance ”You can see your heart is in it. Amelia Earhart is a part of you.” Elgin Long, consultant on the new Amelia Earhart film starring Hilary Swank added. “You are a wonderful actress. You really bring Amelia Earhart to life.”

The one person show is written and performed by Roberta Bassin.

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